Freitag, 25. Dezember 2020

Ein paar Gedanken über Advent und Weihnachten

 ... von Rev. Andrew J. Brown, dem minister der Memorial (Unitarian) Church on Emmanuel Road, Cambridge, UK, von dem schon eine ganze Reihe lesenswerter Artikel auf dem LePenseur.-Blog verlinkt bzw. zitiert wurden:
What was, must be tested — some (positive) Christian atheist reflections on the seasons of Advent & Christmas 
One of the things has often stuck me as being odd about the season of Advent (a word which simply means “to come”) is the fact that the coming for which we, and the cast of familiar Christmas characters are waiting, namely, the birth of Jesus, is now two-thousand years behind us. I say that those waiting are, to us, familiar characters, but is this true anymore? I fear not. So, lest there be any doubt, let me list them now. In addition to the baby Jesus they are, his step-father Joseph and his mother Mary, Mary’s cousin Elizabeth and her priest husband Zechariah, the so-called “Three Kings” (though they are more more properly to be called  Magi, “wise men” from the east), assorted shepherds and angels and, of course, the villain of the story, King Herod. To this, thanks especially to once traditional nativity scenes and plays, we must also add the odd ox and donkey. 

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