Freitag, 12. Oktober 2018

»What if ...«

Ein lesenswerter, nachdenklicher und nachdenklich stimmender Artikel von Andrew P. Napolitano auf LewRockwell:

What if the President and the Senate Just Pulled a Fast One?

What if the whole purpose of an independent judiciary is to be anti-democratic? What if its job is to disregard politics? What if its duty is to preserve the liberties of the minority — even a minority of one — from the tyranny of the majority? What if that tyranny can come from unjust laws or a just law’s unjust enforcement?

What if we have a right to insist that judges be neutral and open-minded rather than partisan and predisposed to a particular ideology? What if presidential candidates promise to nominate judges and justices who they believe will embrace certain ideologies?

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