Sonntag, 24. Januar 2021

»Little children, love one another!«

 ... or how to bore the pants off your audience 

Were you disappointed at the moment you thought this podcast was over after only a couple of minutes instead of its usual length of between ten and twenty minutes? Did you feel short-changed in some fashion even though this podcast is made available completely free of charge?

If you did feel this, even just a little bit, then the following two intimately related, very short stories may be of interest to you. 
Eine ebenso unkonventionelle wie überzeugende Predigt von Rev. Andrew J. Brown, Cambridge (UK) über das, was gut ist. Und es erinnert mich an eine überaus reizende englische oder vielleicht auch amerikanische Anekdote (die man freilich nicht gut übersetzen kann), die ich hier aus dem Gedächtnis zitieren möchte:

A man sees an old woman leaving a chapel on sunday morning and asks her: »Is the sermon done?« The woman replies: »No, it's heard, but not done ...«


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