Donnerstag, 30. März 2023

Yesterday's massacre did not happen because of lax gun laws.

by  Mngent  

Tucker Carlson: Yesterday's massacre did not happen because of lax gun laws. Yesterday's massacre happened because of a deranged and demonic ideology that is infecting this country with the encouragement of people like Joe Biden:

It’s a cult.

We were all hiding to scared to be ourselves because of family, friends, location, society. Many things would hold a person back from displaying who they are inside. No one stops people from being an asshole, why would you stop someone from being a trans?

Adults can play make believe all they want but other adults don’t have to play along. Let children be children but don’t alter their bodies just because they think something is cool today because they may change their minds down the road. 

The shooter is not the victim, I don’t care what minority or victim class they belong to, and I refuse to use their name. That person went into a school with the intent of doing harm to children. She/he went there knowing it was a soft target.

The media keeps putting out she/he was a former student. Like that males a difference. The shooter was 28 years old if they left after 6th grade. It was 16 years since she/he went there.

Again, the shooter, a 28 year old, parents basement dwelling, chose the school because it was a soft target. Only the left could do the mental gymnastics to make this about the bad guy.

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