Montag, 20. März 2023

Last time to do what you can

by  Mngent 
... to stop this nonsense!

Under the Biden regime, The FED, FDIC and TREASURY are conspiring to use the banking crisis they created to force in CBDC.  The July deadline discussed in the article in phase 1: getting approved banks online with the CBDC clearing system, later, phase 2 will entail moving retail depositors into the system. Of course, a federal approved digital ID will be mandatory for retail depositors to access their funds.

Connect the dots:  Janet Yellen told Senator Lankford under oath at a Senate hearing that the US govern-ment would not be bailing out ALL banks that fail.  Only.. the big banks that deem worthy so Chinese depositors get made whole.

“Senator James Lankford, Republican from Oklahoma, grilled Yellen on who will be bailed out by the federal government and who will not.  Lankford pointed out that the Biden-Yellen plan will force Americans to take money out of smaller banks and deposit it in the chosen banks the government has deemed worthwhile of protecting.”-–Gateway Pundit 

Do you NOW understand, {they} are purposely collapsing small banks so people will take their deposits to the too-big-to-fail banks that have been beta testing and are pre-approved to go online with CBDC in July?

There are no coincidences in the actions of the FED, FDIC or Treasury with regard to bank failures. It was all pre-planned.  

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