Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2019

Was tut sich in Fernost?

Gelegentlich tut ein Blick über den Tellerrand unserer Alpenrepublik oder auch den der EU ganz gut. Man begreift, daß Geopolitik überall betrieben wird, nicht nur im Publizieren illegaler Videos, oder im gezielten Fluten von Ländern mit »Flüchtlingen«. Werfen wir also mit Joseph Thomas einen Blick auf die neue Regierung Thailands:
17.06.2019 Author: Joseph Thomas
New Thai Government and America’s 
Asia “Pivot”

After much uncertainty and a turbulent election, Thailand now has a new government led by its newly elected prime minister, Prayuth Chan-o-cha. This bodes well for Thailand’s stability and development as well as its growing ties with its ASEAN neighbours as well as with China.
For the US and its attempts to reassert “primacy” over Asia while encircling and containing the rise of China, the defeat of its “pro-democracy” proxies it is a nightmare.
The Western media, their media partners in Thailand and a small army of US-funded fronts posing as nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) have decried the new government as a “dictatorship disguised as democracy.”
Articles like, “Thailand Junta Leader Named Prime Minister After Contentious Vote,” published by the New York Times, set the tone of the West’s backlash against the newly formed government, citing unqualified claims like, “an election marred by charges of manipulation” or depicting the opposition as being “pro-democracy.”
Absent from NYT articles and others across the Western media is any mention of who PM Prayuth Chan-o-Cha was really running against or why there was a coup in 2014 to begin with. This omission is deliberate, because its inclusion by the media would provide crucial context both justifying the coup and exposing the “pro-democracy” opposition as anything but.
Man sieht: nicht alles ist so, wie es uns die Systemmedien auf den ersten Blick hin vorgaukeln. Und manches ist sogar ganz anders ...

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