Dienstag, 25. Juni 2019

»The Fact That Americans Need To Be Deceived Into War Proves Their Underlying Goodness«

... übertitelt Caitlin Johnstone einen überaus lesenswerten Artikel auf LewRockwell. Ich bin zwar nicht ganz so optimistisch und vertraue als alter europäischer Skeptiker  — »Ich Zweifler aber ziehe es / In Zweifel, dafür aber komme ich / Aus Europa, / Das zweifelsüchtiger ist als alle / Ältlichen Eheweibchen. / Möge Gott es bessern! Amen!« — vielleicht doch nicht so sehr auf die »underlying goodness« des amerikanischen Volkes ... aber doch: lesenswert ist der Artikel allemal! Man kann ja nicht nur in Schmutz und Verrat wühlen ...
Last night Fox’s Tucker Carlson praised Trump’s decision not to go forward with a planned attack against Iran which the president claims would have killed approximately 150 people in response to a downed drone, which if true would have been a profoundly barbaric response to a broken toy plane and would have led to retaliations from Iran, followed by a chain of military actions which could have escalated God knows how far.

Carlson, who has been credited with persuading Trump against further military escalations with Iran, lit into the neoconservative elements of Trump’s cabinet with unprecedented viciousness. He called National Security Advisor John Bolton a “bureau-cratic tapeworm” who never suffers any consequences for his relentless warmongering and accusing him and his collaborators of deliberately engineering a provocation to lead to direct military confrontation. Carlson urged Trump to expunge the influencers who are pushing for a war with Iran, and cautioned that it would cost him re-election.

“Bombing Iran would have ended [Trump’s] political career in a minute,” Carlson said. “There’d be no chance of re-election after that.”
Ich hoffe nur, auch Trump hat das »nachhaltig« kapiert ...

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