Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2019

Kleine Nachlese zu den jüngsten Fake News

... aus den U.S.A.:
All three stories were lies. All three stories were politically driven.
Take, for example, the Covington High School story. On first blush, it’s understandable that members of the punditocracy immediately leapt to the conclusion that the students had done something wrong – after all, would members of the media, the blue-checkmarked brigade, really have butchered video badly enough to completely lie about the story? Between Saturday night and Sunday morning, according to Newsbusters, CNN and MSNBC spent some 53 minutes and 20 seconds on the original, false narrative.

Then, as the facts emerged, everyone had to reconsider – the full video not only exonerated the kids, it actually cut directly against the prevailing narrative that the MAGA-hatted kids had surrounded the Native American man after he defended a group of black activists from them. In fact, the black activists were members of the cultish Black Hebrew Israelites, they were shouting racial and sexual slurs at the kids, and the Native American man sauntered with his group into the center of the high school crowd, banging his drum in the face of one particular student. The students reacted to all of this by singing their high school chants and songs. End of story.
Nein, es sind nicht bloß die Systemmedien in Mitteleuropa, die lügen und verschweigen — im »Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten« können's die Systemmedien mindestens ebenso gut ...

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Das kennen wir doch von Chemnitz. Aber mich wundert, dass jetzt offensichtlich die US Medien von unseren MSM lernen. Zufall? oder wie Q sagen würde: "coincidence"

Fragolin hat gesagt…

Werter Anonym,
die Amerikaner müssen von uns nichts lernen, deren Linksmedien funzen ebenso wie unsere:

MfG Fragolin