Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016

No "Proud Prophet", please ...

No, You Can’t Have a Small Nuclear War

‘Limited’ atomic strikes are a profoundly dumb idea


In the event of a rapidly escalating conflict with the Russians, should the United States conduct a “limited” nuclear strike to coerce the enemy to back down? Or, in Cold War nukespeak, should the United States “escalate to deescalate” the situation?
Believe it or not, that is a real question that is being debated in the Pentagon today. And the answer is no. Thinking we can use nuclear weapons in a “limited” way without inviting nuclear catastrophe is a dangerous fantasy.
Nein, das alles klingt nicht schön ... Deshalb wählen ja die Amis auch am besten die bekennende Friedenstaube Clinton, damit das alles nicht passiert, nicht wahr ...?

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