Samstag, 28. Februar 2015

Das Leuchtfeuer der Demokratie

...  ist, aus der Nähe betrachtet, von einem Scheiterhaufen schon längst nur graduell, nicht prinzipiell zu unterscheiden:
Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment 
in Obama's Washington By Sharyl Attkisson

In her best selling book, Stonewalled, former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson spells out in riveting detail what conservatives have known for years about mainstream news reporting. Outlets such as CBS News fashion their coverage with an eye towards electing their preferred candidates. Nowadays that means favorable reporting on Barack Obama and his administration and negative stories for his critics.
Stonewalled opens with Attkisson's discovery that her personal computer, another computer that she used for work, and quite possibly the CBS News internal network had all been hacked. Attkisson's activities were being monitored by persons unknown. She brought in cyber security experts to analyze her hardware. They confirmed it: Her computers had been breached. But that wasn't the worst of the news. Since there are so few organizations capable of such a thorough a penetration, analysts suspected that the hackers most likely belonged to one of our government's three-letter agencies. The experts found more.
They're also worried about my home phone.  It's practically unusable now.  Often when I call home, it only rings once on the receiving end.  But on my end it keeps ringing, and then connects somewhere else.  Nobody's there.  Other times, it disconnects in the middle of calls.  There are clicks and buzzes.  My friends who call hear the strange noises and ask about them.  I get used to the routine of callers suggesting, half-jokingly, "Is your phone tapped?"
On top of that, my home alarm system has begun chirping a nightly warning that my phone line is having "trouble" of an unidentified nature.
An agency of the federal government was secretly monitoring Attkisson. The time was October, 2012, and Attkisson was digging into the September 11th terrorist attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Hackers were trying to find out what Attkisson knew and how she knew it
Benghazi had the Obama administration in cover up mode. Questions posed by reporters about the attack and the apparent lack of an administration response to it were deflected or dismissed by White House spokesmen as partisan witch-hunting. While some in the news media were satisfied with the White House version of events, Sharyl Attkisson was not, and because of it she got a close up look at the administration's methods for dealing with reporters who ask tough questions.
Kann uns, bitteschön, jemand erklären, worin diese US-Administration und ihre diversen Gestapo-Organisationen sich von irgendwelchen Gestapo-Organisationen irgendwelcher Diktatoren so großartig unterscheiden? Na, liebe Transatlantiker — hier ist doch eure große Chance! Ihr könnt uns doch sonst auch so wortreich darlegen, warum Putin ein pöhser Diktator ist, warum zeigt ihr nicht, warum die USA eine lupenreine Demokratie sind? Warum bloß ...

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