Mittwoch, 16. August 2017

Andere Sichtweise

Es ist immer ganz erfrischend, eine andere Sichtweise auf aktuelle weltpolitische Probleme zu lesen. Und ganz besonders, wenn diese Sichtweise aus einer libertären Perspektive heraus erfolgt ...

Wie z.B. im Fall Nordkorea:
Latest News on North Korea from a Libertarian Perspective

Visitors wait to enter the Museum of Natural History
in Pyongyang on Sept. 28, 2016.
Ed Jones—AFP/Getty Images

You might not know as much about North Korea as you think.

After all, how much time have you spent really paying attention to the latest news on North Korea? Or the
history of North Korea?

Or the history of U.S. actions on the Korean peninsula?

Don't be too attached to a
mental image of "North Korea," if the facts turn out to be different...
Flag Wavers at a Stadium
in Pyongyang in 2014
Eric Lafforgue
Take the North Korean Economy and North Korean Famine for Instance

If someone's mental image of North Korea is a place where a lot of people are starving, they're like 20 years behind.
That's one of the most common clichés about North Korea, that it's a destitute, starving country.
Lesenswerter Text, mit einer ebenso lesenswerten, kurzen Ergänzung hier.

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