Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015

Der alte Mann und der Krieg

Der »Grand Old Man« der US-Politikberichterstattung (und, nebenbei erwähnt, ein Zeithistoriker von Format!), Patrick Buchanan, hat einen nicht eben beruhigenden Artikel über die US-Kriegspartei und ihre Behandlung des Syrien-Konflikts veröffentlicht:
War Party Targets Putin and Assad
Pat Buchanan • October 6, 2015

Having established a base on the Syrian coast, Vladimir Putin last week began air strikes on ISIS and other rebel forces seeking to overthrow Bashar Assad.
A longtime ally of Syria, Russia wants to preserve its toehold on the Mediterranean, help Assad repel the threat, and keep the Islamic terrorists out of Damascus.
Russia is also fearful that the fall of Assad would free up the Chechen terrorists in Syria to return to Russia.
In intervening to save Assad, Putin is doing exactly what we are doing to save our imperiled allies in Baghdad and Kabul.
Yet Putin’s intervention has ignited an almost berserk reaction.
John McCain has called for sending the Free Syrian Army surface-to-air missiles to bring down Russian planes. Not only could this lead to a U.S.-Russia clash, but U.S.-backed Syrian rebels have a record of transferring weapons to the al-Qaida affiliate.
 Nein, es ist nicht schön,was man hier lesen muß ...

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