Freitag, 5. September 2014

»The Insidious Power of Propaganda«

... nennt sich ein exzellenter Artikel von Karel van Wolferen auf »The Unz Review«, dessen Lektüre nur wärmstens empfohlen werden kann:
To study the effects of political propaganda in what used to be called the ‘free world’ there could hardly be a better time than now. We are living through an in stance of insidious propaganda that has clean contours. It fills a common need. In a period of large-scale slaughter and other man-made disaster the morally conscious person can do with some clear categories of good and bad, desirable and despicable. Political certainty, in other words. You can even sell wars using ‘moral clarity’ as a sales pitch, as happened with Iraq and Afghanistan.
Good-evil classification is easy enough when we have imprisoned journalists decapitated by jihadis. Those who “will do something about that” are automatically placed in the ‘good guys’ category. But there is a problem of murkiness in this sample. Syria’s Assad has been listed for years at the top of the bad guy list, and yet he appears to be changing into something of an ally of those who are intent now on setting things straight. On top of which, the fact that the radical Islamists out of which ISIS emerged were funded and encouraged by the United States and its Arab allies is not a deep secret, and the fact that none of this mayhem would now exist were it not for the sorcerer’s apprentice effect of the decapitation of the Iraqi state in 2003 has been pretty much agreed on.
So ganz en passent läßt Karel van Wolferen noch ein kleines Bömbchen hochgehen, wenn er schreibt:
The story of the downed plane with 298 dead people is no longer news, and the investigation as to who shot it down? Don’t hold your breath. Last week Dutch viewers of a TV news program were informed about something that had been doing the rounds on inter net samizdat: the countries participating in the MH17 investigation have signed a non disclosure agreement. Any of the participants (which include Kiev) has the right to veto publication of the results without explanation. The truth about the cause of the horrifying fate of the 298 appears to have been already settled by propaganda. That means that although there has been no shred of evidence that the official story of the ‘rebels’ shooting down the plane with Russian involvement, it remains a justification for sanctions against Russia.
 Ist doch hübsch! die Ukraine, die den Vogel vermutlich abgeschossen hat, kann jede Aufklärung per unbegründetem Veto verhindern, aber die Story wird als Aufhänger benutzt, einen Krieg anzuzetteln. Manchmal hätte man Lust, diese ganzen — pardon l'expression — Arschlöcher von Politurks einfach flächendeckend zuzukotzen ...

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