Samstag, 27. September 2014

»The Alleged Self-Evidence of Equality«

... betitelt sich ein kluger Essay aus der Feder von Murray N. Rothbard, der auf »« zu lesen ist:
The current veneration of equality is, indeed, a very recent notion in the history of human thought. Among philosophers or prominent thinkers the idea scarcely existed before the mid-eighteenth century; if mentioned, it was only as the object of horror or ridicule. The profoundly anti-human and violently coercive nature of egalitarianism was made clear in the influential classical myth of Procrustes, who “forced passing travellers to lie down on a bed, and if they were too long for the bed he lopped off those parts of their bodies which protruded, while racking out the legs of the ones who were too short. This was why he was given the name of Procrustes [The Racker].”
Entlarvend lesenswert die süffisanten Sätze:
When we confront the egalitarian movement, we begin to find the first practical, if not logical, contradiction within the program itself: that its outstanding advocates are not in any sense in the ranks of the poor and oppressed, but are Harvard, Yale, and Oxford professors, as well as other leaders of the privileged social and power elite. What kind of “egalitarianism” is this? If this phenomenon is supposed to embody a massive assumption of liberal guilt, then it is curious that we see very few of this breast-beating elite actually divesting themselves of their worldly goods, prestige, and status, and go live humbly and anonymously among the poor and destitute. Quite the contrary, they seem not to stumble a step on their climb to wealth, fame, and power. Instead, they invariably bask in the congratulations of themselves and their like-minded colleagues of the high-minded morality in which they have all cloaked themselves.
Perhaps the answer to this puzzle lies in our old friend Procrustes. Since no two people are uniform or “equal” in any sense in nature, or in the outcomes of a voluntary society, to bring about and maintain such equality necessarily requires the permanent imposition of a power elite armed with devastating coercive power. For an egalitarian program clearly requires a powerful ruling elite to wield the formidable weapons of coercion and even terror required to operate the Procrustean rack: to try to force everyone into an egalitarian mold.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Murray Rothbard ist ein, wie es auf Neudeutsch so schön heißt, "must read" für jeden, der am Thema Freiheit interessiert ist. Ganz oben auf der Leseliste steht: "Die Ethik der Freiheit"

Er argumentiert stringent und kompromisslos.

Auch sehr gut: "The Origins of the Federal Reserve". Kompakt und extrem gut recherchiert. Sehr aufschlussreich darin der Zusammenhang zwischen dem Fiat Geld und dem Beginn der Ära das amerikanischen Imperialismus. Sehr detailliert werden die dreckigen Methoden der USA in Mittelamerika und auf den Philippinen geschildert.


FDominicus hat gesagt…

Wenn man konsequent diese ganze Choose zu Ende denkt muß man Rothbardianer werden. Das Logische aber auch immer wieder Verblüffende, ist mit wie wenig Worten von Mises, Hayek, Rothbard etc alles sagen können. Man wundert sich dann nicht mehr über die Wortblasen unsere "Eliten", denn die müssen ja Blödsinn verkaufen....