Freitag, 26. Dezember 2014

US warns of violence in Thailand after release of torture report

The U.S. embassies in Thailand and Afghanistan are warning of the potential for anti-American protests and violence in the aftermath of the release a Senate report outlining harsh interrogation techniques used by the CIA on terrorist suspects.
In identical notices to Americans in the two countries, the embassies said the release of the report “could prompt anti-U.S. protests and violence against U.S. interests, including private U.S. citizens.”

Afghanistan and Thailand were host to two of the secret facilities where prisoners were interrogated with methods the report calls torture.
Tja, jetzt haben sie den Salat: hätten sie nicht gefoltert, dann müßten sie jetzt nicht in die Hose machen! LePenseurs Mitleid mit dem US-Regime  hält sich in Grenzen ...

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