Samstag, 22. August 2015

Frederick Delius: In a Summer Garden

Dazu Youtube: The richly colourful Delius garden at Grez-Sur-Loing in France was inspiration for Delius' orchestral tone-poem - 'In a Summer Garden'. The work originally dates from 1908 but after much revision was published in its present from in 1911..... Of the garden at Grez, so lovingly tended by Jelka Delius, Eric Fenby tells us :- 'It blazed with a myriad flowers'.
Beyond the beautiful mature trees, their boughs forming an almost perfect arch against the blue sky, the River Loing languidly idles by as if to the 'end of the world'.
Delius dedicated In a Summer Garden to his wife Jelka with a poignant verse by Rossetti -
' All are my blooms and all sweet blooms of love to the I gave while Spring and Summer sang' ........... this clearly a Delian declaration of love!!!
These images each made in the style of french impressionist paintings, were taken in Delius' garden on a lovely summer's day several decades ago. The original 'Super 8' cine footage has been broken down to form various 'snapshots', the slightly blurred outlines from single colourful frames give rise to an overwhelming impressionist sensation.
As in all impressionism it is more of a 'feeling' created by the effect of light in nature upon the senses than a critical visual appraisal........ let imagination amend for what time has diminished. Enjoy!

Delius - In a Summer Garden - The Halle Orchestra, conducted by Sir John Barbirolli.

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