Mittwoch, 7. März 2018

»Teachers Who Look Like Me?«

Unter diesem Titel findet sich auf LewRockwell ein kurzer, prägnater Artikel über den Schwachsinn von Quotendenken und sich selbst bemitleidendem Diskriminierungswahn:
I recently heard a young black male student give thanks to the fact that at my school, Loyola University New Orleans, for the first time in his academic career, he has had teachers who “look like him.” He meant that at our university, finally, there are African American professors. He was very grateful for that fact. This young man is in grave error, and the present essay is an attempt to correct him.

I have a brown belt in Shoto-Kan Karate. Virtually none of my senseis (teachers) look like me. Well, yes, they all had heads, feet, arms, heads, and, I presume, the usual complements of kishkes (inner body parts), but that is where it ended. Many of them were Oriental (I know, I know, you’re not supposed to say this anymore, but I think political correctness is an evil that should be opposed whenever possible). Some of my karate teachers were female. Did I suffer from this? Would I have been better off if my Karatekas were old, white, fat, bearded Jews like me? Hardly. The criterion I sensibly employed in my selection was not “lookism” but rather ability to teach this discipline.
Was hier am Beispiel der Hautfarbe abgehandelt wird, kann mit exakt denselben Argumenten auch gegen Studentinnen-Quoten auf Medizin-Unis, Aufsichtsrat-Quoten und all dem Unsinn des sogen. »Frauenvolksbegehrens« angewandt werden.

Chapeau! Touché!

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Der schon von mir erwähnte böhmische Kampfkunstmeister Karate-Sepp aus Gablonz has the black belt im Goju Ryu Stil - und der erzählt Zigeunerwitze, daß es sogar mir altem Rassisten die Haut am Rücken zusammenzieht ...