Freitag, 16. März 2018

A most inconvenient Truth

Nein, nicht das Gelaber eines Ex-Vizepräsidenten über die schmelzende Antarktis und schwitzende Eisbärenm, sondern:
When Dealing with a Bear, Hubris Is Suicidal
The Saker

Assuming mankind finds a way not to destroy itself in the near future and assuming that there will still be historians in the 22nd or 23rd centuries, I bet you that they will look at the AngloZionist Empire and see the four following characteristics as some of its core features: lies, willful ignorance, hypocrisy, and hysterics. To illustrate my point I will use the recent “Skripal nerve-gas assassination” story as it really encompasses all of these characteristics.
I won’t even bother debunking the official nonsense here as others have done a very good job of pointing out the idiocy of that narrative. If you are truly capable of believing that “Putin” (that is the current collective designator for the Evil Empire of Mordor threatening all of western civilization) would order the murder of a man whom a Russian military court sentenced to only 13 years in jail (as opposed to life or death) and who was subsequently released as part of a swap with the USA, you can stop reading right now and go back to watching TV. I personally have neither the energy nor the inclination to even discuss such a self-evidently absurd theory. No, what I do want to do is use this story as a perfect illustration of the kind of society we now all live in looked at from a moral point of view. I realize that we live in a largely value-free society where moral norms have been replaced by ideological orthodoxy, but that is just one more reason for me to write about what is taking place precisely focusing on the moral dimensions of current events.
Ein lesenswerter Artikel — wenngleich ein für die Augen bzw. Ohren braver Transatlantiker höchst unwillkommener.  Werden darin doch einige Fakten tematisiert, die zu erwähnen den Strippenziehern unseres Politmarionettentheaters überaus unangenehm ist. Davon abgesehen, daß auch die Politruks und ihre Mietschreiberlinge nicht gerade unversehrt draus hervorgehen. Ein zitatwürdiger Satz findet sich jedenfalls im Artikel:
The French philosopher Alain Soral is quite right when he says that modern “journalists are either unemployed or prostitutes” (he spoke about the French media - un journaliste français c’est soit une pute soit un chômeur – but this fully applies to all the western media). Except that I would extend it to the entire Western Establishment.
Nicht nur er, würde ich sagen ...

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