Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017

If you fear change you are a bad person!

Mit diesen Worten faßt John Derbyshire den Inhalt der 51-Minuten-Abschiedspredigt Backaromas treffend zusammen, und repliziert süffisant:
I’m sorry, Mr. President, but that is inane. Some change is good, some isn’t. Saying, “Change is good!” makes as much sense as saying, “Weather is good!” or “Vegetation is good!” If an asteroid were to strike the earth and wipe out the human race, that would be a major change, wouldn’t it? Not many of us would consider it good, though.

And just as change is not necessarily good, fear is not necessarily bad. We have the fear instinct for a very good reason: to preserve ourselves against dangers. We may argue about whether some one particular phenomenon is or is not dangerous, but fear itself is useful and valuable, not a failing or a weakness.

Take for example that “fear of people who look or speak or pray differently.” If people who look different from me in some one particular way have a homicide rate seven times that of people who look the same as me, and a robbery rate thirteen times, isn’t fear of those people rational? If violent acts of terrorism against innocent civilians are almost exclusively committed by people who pray a certain way, is not fear of people who pray that way justified?
Lesenswert ... und amüsant auf den Punkt gebracht. Was ja auch nicht zu verachten ist. Bei uns würde sich das keiner zu schreiben getrauen, da bereits Maasmännchens Schergen darauf lauerten, ihn wegen eines Gedankenverbrechens anzuklagen. In den USA geht es noch, oder: schon wieder. Trump sei Dank ...

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