Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016

Wort zum Sonntag: »Defining Religion in American Politics 2016«

Unter diesem Titel bringt Lewis Loflin eine ganze Reihe interessanter Gedanken über die heutige Polit-Szene der USA (die durch die Klassifizierung des »Leftism« als Religion auch für uns vielfach höchst zutreffend sind!):
Summary: "religion" as I will give a more up to date definition involves appeal to emotion and the application of dogma - beliefs based on some form of political or organized authority. Religion, unlike race, is an actual social construct and is an attitude not simply a collection of positions or any particular belief(s).

The bitter political fights of 2016 are confusing and centered on a number of issues, but in the end come down to cultural outlook and culture is driven by "religion" or how one defines "religion." My main emphasis is not politics so much as the "religious" and cultural issues boiling beneath the surface.

I'll explore the two great religious currents operating under religious Leftism: Liberation Racist Theology and Environmentalism. While religion is a hot discussion with Republicans it remains hidden below the surface with Democrats.
Loflin, den ich seit Jahren in meiner Blogroll führe, ist ein faszinierender Mann, der über sich selbst lapidar anmerkt:
I'm former US Army and here is A picture of my duty station in West Berlin and was a military occupational specialty was 33S intercept systems technician and I held a top-secret SI clearance.
I grew up in Norton, Virginia and graduated high school from John I. Burton High School in 1977. For more on Norton Virginia area see Remote Area Medical 2008. I left King College in Bristol due to financial reasons and graduated with honors from Northeast State Technical Community College in Computer Information Technology and university parallel.
I've been married for over 30 years and my wife is severely disabled and I'm on income restrictions due to her having to be on Medicaid. So we had to learn to live on a limited income and the secret is simply being responsible and getting a job and sticking with it. We both grew up in poverty and I have little sympathy for those today with their cell phones, cars, and air conditioners demanding free stuff.
Kein Mann »von Rang und Namen« ... und doch klüger — nein: weiser! — als viele dieser. Jedenfalls eine Lektüre, die es sich in aller Ruhe an einem Sonntag zu lesen lohnt.

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