Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

"Who's Behind the Terrorists?"

... fragt sich Tony Cartalucci in einem lesens- und überdenkenswerten Artikel:
[...] A piece in the Sydney Morning Herald titled, "Fears of a Putin crackdown after terror attack on St Petersburg metro," would attempt to claim:
So who is to blame? No one has said officially. The BBC's Frank Gardner says suspicions will centre around Chechen nationalists or an Islamic State inspired group wanting payback for Putin's airstrikes in Syria. Or it could be a combination of both.

Putin has in the past justified crackdowns on civilian protests by citing the terror threat. But will he this time, and will it work? 
At least one pro-Kremlin commentator has linked the attack to the recent mass demonstrations organised by Putin's political opponent. 
Yet, in reality, the demonstrations and the terrorist groups being implicated both share a significant common denominator - both are openly long-term recipients of US-European aid, with the latter group also receiving significant material support from US-European allies in the Persian Gulf, primarily Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Die Transatlantiker werden sofort "Verschwörungstheorie" heulen. Ja, ja ... wissen wir bereits. So, wie die Skeptiker bezüglich der Massenvernichtungswaffen Saddam Husseins nur auf "Verschwörungstheorien" hereingefallen sind. So, wie unzählige andere Verschwörungstheorien sich bei Nachforschung früher oder später als leider doch wahr herausgestellt haben.

"Lügenpresse" ..., "Fake News" ...? Getroffene Hunde jaulen besonders laut ...

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