Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017

Haben Sie das schon irgendwo in unserer Lückenpresse gelesen?

Nnun, das sicherlich nicht:

California Number 1 Poverty State
by Lewis Loflin

The Washington Post wasn't fake news for once when on November 13, 2015 stated,

"Actually, Mr. Trump, Iowa is one of the smartest states in the union."

Trump won Iowa 51% to 41% over Hillary. They got something right for once, partially. While Iowa was 8th the other 7 were split with Trump wining Wisconsin and Kansas, nearly winning New Hampshire and Minnesota, lost Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut. All are overwhelming white states.

On the bottom 5 Trump won Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi, while the bottom 2 Nevada and Hawaii went Hillary. All five are plagued with huge immigrant, Hispanic, or black populations. California the home of Silicon Valley oligarchs where Hillary massively ran up her "popular" vote totals by millions, ranked 34th, below Hillbilly Tennessee, at 33rd which Trump won.

We also hear the false claim all of the poorest states vote Republican. Really? The Census Bureau "at the urging of the National Academy of Sciences and others, the Census Bureau in 2010 began calculating a Supplemental Poverty Measure as a way to create a more nuanced picture of poverty in America...the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM) - that uses a wider range of factors than the official federal measure to determine poverty status." 28.2% of Hispanics and 25.4% of Blacks live in poverty. (PEW, USA Today)

What is more interesting is the states with the HIGHEST real poverty rates also have the highest racial income gaps, lowest minority achievement rates, and greatest social, racial, class segregation and many are not red. The top poverty states above 18% are:

California 23.8%
Washington DC 22.7%
Nevada 19.8%
Florida 19.5%
Arizona 18.8%
Georgia 18.2%
New York 18.1%

When the coastal liberal elite refer to racism, poverty, etc. they are projecting themselves onto the rest of us. For comparison: all white West Virginia 12.9% also has among the lowest crime rates in the nation!
 Das klingt alles ein bisserl anders als das, was uns aus den Lücken- bzw. Lügenmedien täglich eingetrichtert wird.

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